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Tips for Writing Sexy Blog Posts

A great blog post is not just about the content. It’s also about how each and every idea in the post is formulated and presented. Writing is an art that requires creativity, a keen attention to details and proper presentation of ideas. Without these, creating engaging blog posts that will keep your readers coming back will not be easy.

In the past, people could spend time reading blogs mainly because print was among the main sources of information. However, that is not the case today. People do not have time to waste reading content that they do not enjoy. That means you have to put more efforts towards developing content that is not only attractive, but also full of life.

Here are useful tips for writing sexy blog posts that you should try out to add spice to your content.

Create Catchy Titles

The title of a blog post is the window through which people take a peep into your blog post. It is therefore important that you come up with something that attracts attention. The key to creation of great titles is keeping them simple and clear. However, the title should vividly reflect what is discussed in the post. When your title is catchy, there are higher chances that many people will want to read more. Hence, more people will read your blog posts.

Tell a Story

Whether you are writing about simple or complex topics, do not just throw in ideas. Instead, take some time to reflect on ideas and create something that people can relate to. Also make sure that your readers will understand your story without difficulties. Even if the blog post is on a direct topic, try to lay out your ideas in form of a story. This will go a long way towards making the post more interesting, thereby boosting readership.

Try Writing in First Person

Writing blog posts in first person makes them come out more natural just like we normally talk to each other. Your posts address readers directly, making it easier for them to relate with the story. Besides, crafting blog posts in first person gives you some sense of authority in the niche.

While a third person voice may seem like the norm for some writers, it is awkward and dry. Unless for special cases, always make it a rule to write your blog posts in the first person.

Create Transitions

When writing blog posts, do not just switch between different topics without letting your readers know that you are doing it. The best ways to create transitions is using visual cues like headers, bullets, numbered lists, and subtitles.

Give Hints to what is coming up Next

Foreshadowing does not mean you are giving away the plot. On the contrary, it helps in generating anticipation and preparing your readers for what follows. This helps in preventing boredom while showing the direction of the story.

Even as you put the above ideas into your blog writing, it’s important to note that you won’t be the best blogger overnight. Nevertheless, practice writing sexy blog posts and let your ideas flow naturally.

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